​Footsteps of a Forgotten Soldier


Footsteps of a Forgotten Solider

The 26th USCT Regiment in formation at Camp William Penn 1865

ABC interview by Ebony Roundtree

The Life and Times of David Carll

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Footsteps of a F ...

Francis Carl


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Interview by Archie Snowden

Story by Francis S. Carl and Denice Evens Sheppard

     Footsteps of a Forgotten Soldier                                   The Life and Times of David Carll 

​​Recently featured on ABC Network in February 2021 was the story of David Carll, a young black boatman from Oyster Bay, New York who enlisted to fight in the Civil War in 1863. As a free man, David would set out on a dark journey into the Civil War to help free the slaves in the southern states.  That journey would forever shape his future.  After years of careful research, his descendants are telling his story in great detail in the book, "Footsteps of a Forgotten Soldier." From the small village where he lived, to his controversial interracial marriage, this story follows David Carll prior to enlistment and during his military training at Riker's Island New York, then, onto the battlefield at Johns Island, South Carolina. A compelling true story that will literally take you in the footsteps of a forgotten soldier.
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